Touched by One (majinsakuko) wrote in hpdrabbles,
Touched by One

Advent calendar, Harry/Draco

Title: Advent calendar
Author: MajinSakuko
Beta-Reader: Vaughn
Dedication: to JosephineDracul, who asked for some German Snape/Lupin MPreg fics beside mine (but there are none! jamesmarsters15 wrote a short ficlet without my knowledge), and to Vaughn, who wanted Snape having to deal with little kids.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, JKR everything else
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/Main-Chara: SS/RL & HP/DM
Rating: G - NC-17
Genre/s: Romance (Slash), Fluff, Lemon
Warning/s: MPreg, rimming, food smut...
Summary: Every day a little tid-bit to shorten/sweeten your wait on Christmas.
A/N: Credits go to endless-rain for their Advent calendar (but I've seen something like that already somewhere else...) and to jamesmarsters15 for the fic lengths.
Chapter 1: Choice of Gifts
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