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Relaxed Together

Title: Relaxed Together

Author: Tomoyan

Rating: PG 13

Pairings: Remus/Sirius

Comments: Ok, so it's been like....months since i wrote any fanfiction. and then this sprang into my mind XD oh, and this is my first post here! hi mum! XD
(yes i realise that this is 117 words...DAMMIT SO CLOSE *sob*

"And breeeaaatthhhee...." Remus Lupin breathed. He was sitting on the floor crosslegged, meditating. Sirius Black was watching him from a nearby chair with fascination.
"Remmy?" He asked after about 5 minutes of Remus just breathing relaxedly.
"What?" Remus snapped.
"What the hell are you doing?"
"The mediwizards said that if I tried to calm myself down near full moons it might not be so severe. If I get relaxed enough, I might even be able to stop taking the wolfsbane potion."
"There are better ways to relax. Like this..." Sirius flicked his wand, and relaxing music began to echoe through the room. Sirius hopped off his chair and settled himself behind his lover.
"How about a backrub?"
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