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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not...

Title: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not…
Author: _lykanthropos_
Feedback: YES PLEASE!!!—This is my first fanfic, so be NICE, but constructive!
Pairing: Remus (thinking about Nymphadora Tonks and Lily Evans-Potter)
Rating: PG for angst, I suppose.
Summary- Remus is sitting in Sirius’s home, contemplating the relationship he has with Tonks…remembering his Hogwarts days….
Remus Lupin had only ever loved one woman, but she belonged to someone else; his best friend, James Potter.
Lily liked that Remus was different. It fascinated her that he was a werewolf.
Her smile and warmness comforted Remus daily. She was one of the only people that really noticed him, and was intrigued by how dedicated he was to school. Every time that they studied together, Remus longed to see her more.
The thought of James and Lily together often made him jealous. A pang of guilt struck Remus right in the stomach. The truth about his feelings had surfaced…
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