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This is the Squick Challenge Iris gave, and it also insipred me to write the sequel of "Wild Fire." which was a poem of Sirius perspective on Remus. But in this particular poem, it's Remus' perspective on the memory of our favorite lovable pup.

Title: Your Eyes

Pairing: Remus/Sirius

Rating: G

Comments: Might be sad since this is Remus POV. But enjoy none the less. I tried to keep it close to 100 words, but only took it by 103. So close!

~Angela <333

Your Eyes

Windows to the soul…
Both deep as the bluest water.
How they watch me constantly…
As I eat, drink, sleep and love you.

Your eyes…

The purest of all the priceless gems
no man can withstand…
Though you may not admit
you are my dream come true…
My fondest desire…

How they carried a mischievousness twinkle,
But also the compassion of when I was in pain…
I cannot embrace you any longer,
And only my memory can keep the insanity locked in.

Your eyes…

Wherever you rest my darling,
I know that you still watch me, after all this time…
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