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I was bored in my class and I wrote this on a peice of parchment--er paper ^_^"

Title: Wild Fire

Parings: Remus/Sirius

POV: Sirius' Perspective

Rating: G (I suppose...)

Wild Fire

Your touch is like a wild fire burning across my skin.
It's real and endless,

I don't want it to stop.

I am consumed in your eternal flame of life,

Just how the color of your eyes shine in the morning sun,
Do I feel your passion rise against me.

The softness of your silken hair as I run my fingers through it.
A smile teases your lips when I map your chest with tender kisses.

Your cries of triumph as I work you with my flesh...

And the sigh that comes right after we made love...

The scorching of our passion, that is this wild fire, is boundless...

I love you...

~* FIN *~

Tell me what you think, I might work on a Remus POV one next. </lj>
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