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Happy V-Day

It was a perfectly ordinary fight. An empty classroom. A sneering Draco. A livid Harry.
It's hard to say which was more surprised when Harry grabbed Draco by the front of his robes and kissed him, hard and angry.
Afterward, there was stunned silence. Then Harry dropped to his knees and scrambled under Binns' desk.
Draco leaned over to peer at him. One eyebrow raised.
"Go away Malfoy!" The voice was slightly muffled.
Draco had always been rather contrary so, instead, he crawled under the desk too.
"Shove over."
"Ow! Gerroff!"
Draco studied him for a long moment.
"You're an idiot Potter, but then, I expect you knew that already."
Harry groaned and buried his face in his knees.
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