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Narcissa drabble

Hmm...hello? Went for a 150 word limit this time.

Narcissa remembers Draco as a happy baby, and sometimes she marvels at how much it is possible to change a child.
She remembers the day that Lucius caught him crying and how punishment came swift and sure. Malfoys do not cry: it is not a fact, but it is a rule and it is enforced.
Lucius stripped the child of his robes and shoes and even his underthings then took him out into the cold December night. When he came back inside and locked the doors Narcissa saw the set of his mouth and said nothing.
And when Draco, trembling and blue with cold, peered up at her through the glass and the snowflakes in his lashes and said, "Mummy? Mummy?" Narcissa closed the drapes.
She'd like to blame her husband for the way her son never smiles anymore, but she suspects her own indifference is as much at fault.
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