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Just One

Title: Just One

Paring: Harry/Draco

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Draco and Harry kiss after fighting in the lake... slash inclued beware! ^_^;;;

Just One

It was a quiet night along the grounds of Hogwarts, a quiet night in which also included the Forbidden Forest. Harry and Draco once again had a quarrel as to why in bloody heavens did Draco push him into the lake. A shame Ron wasn't there to help his best mate but on well... The boy who lived was now sporting his wet robes as he glared at Malfoy who laughed at him.

"Going for a swim Potty?"

Harry dragged him into the lake with a SPLASH! As usual the boys fought as the sound of the splashing water filled the quiet air. Until at last the two rivals stopped, panting softly with tired muscles clentching, with only the sound of their ragged breathing calming the night.

Harry locked eyes with Draco and something sparked in him that was both scary as well as pleasent. He saw how thrashed Malfoy looked, but on the other hand he looked so desierable.

Draco mesmerized at how Potter looked at him was enchanted with those jade hues. How they scream, "passion!" how his lips begged, "kiss me," and how he moved closer to his once opponent then gave him somthing that added to the now fire that burned in his heart.

The kiss was raw, animal like, endless and smokey. It was the one time Draco ever felt something for someone else...

When the two separated, Harry grinned that Potter grin at him and asked shyly against the other boy.

"Draco is that your '14 inch wand' or are you happy to taste me?"

"Don't kid yourself Potter of course that's my wand," the blonde boy murmured then grinned slyly, "It's the wand I want to make you mine with."

The everlasting kiss took place once more as the once drenched boys seemed to have dried themselfs with the heated passion of one another's flesh.

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