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Fic Challenge #4 Confirmed! ^_^!!!

TiTle: Mum's Knickers?

Rating: G

Paring: Hermione/Draco

Summary: Hermione and Draco sharing a kiss in the moonlight, but when Hermione discovers some knickers that aren't her's in Draco's pocket there were questions asked... but the answers were... erronious...

Slytherin prefect Draco Malfoy was outside within the solitude of the early evening with none other than Hermione Granger, prefect of Gryffindor house. Now Normally the two "hated" each other's guts, but when it came to love and war... hot shagging sessions were involved in the cross fire.

The two 6th years sat on the green grass of the school grounds, sharing an intimate kiss when Hermione felt something in Draco's robes. It was soft and cotton-like as she pulled it out it was a pair of satin dark green knickers.

"Draco where did you get these?" Hermione asked looking repulsed at the pair of them.

'Think fast Malfoy.' he heard himself say, "Er... they're my Mum's"

Hermione gave him a skeptic look, "Draco darling, why do you have a pair of your Mum's Knickers and in your pocket no less?"

"Well Hermione, there are times when I really miss my mum and when I go home for the holidays then come back to school I take a personal item of hers. Besides these cost her like 3 knuts so it's not a tragic loss."

'There that should do it heh...'

'Yeah right you prat you know you're screwing on me.' Hermione thought dryly as she placed a sweet smile on her face, "All right love I believe you."

With that said and done the two sex driven prefects made out under the now Moonlight that cascaded down on the school grounds.

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